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Massive navigation improvements!
From Doctacosa
2024-03-10 01:04:18

Today's update is all about giving you a better access to your earned achievements, with several improvements to the navigation and page loading.

Starting with your profile overview, the list of games you've recently played and latest achievements earned now both feature a "View more" option. These bring you to the full lists so you can go further back.

All of the main list of records will now keep their filters and sorting options if you happen to reload a page, letting you resume right where you left off. This also makes it easier to share a list with a friend - they'll get the same view without having to pick any options!

On the topic of the achievements themselves, there's now a full list of all the ones you've earned, lifetime. Check the new menu option on Profile -> Achievements! Of course, you're free to narrow it down to a specific platform or change the sorting order.

More is planned, of course. If you have any specific request, please get in touch!

New platform: RetroAchievements!
From Doctacosa
2024-01-26 19:45:44

A new platform joins Osmium today: RetroAchievements! This makes it the fourth one, after Creeper's Lab, GOG and Steam.

Some of you might be wondering what this is all about. Put simply, RetroAchievements introduces achievements to classic games! Ever wanted to have additional goals in Super Mario Bros.? You can! Something more than beating Dr. Wily in Mega Man & Bass? That's available!

For more information on this, along with how to setup your emulator to enable the feature, see RetroAchievements's website. If you're already registered there, make sure your username is available within your networks in your Interordi Account. Your progress will then be automatically loaded and refreshed every day.

Filter for mature content now available
From Doctacosa
2024-01-13 22:55:55

New filtering options have been added so you can see exactly the content you're interested in. These are based on each game's ESRB rating or similar when available. It currently applies to both violent and adult content and will continue to be refined over time.

You can access the new menu option in Account -> Settings to set your preference between these three:

  • Warn & blur: the default, this will blur the thumbnails of mature content and display warnings when you try to access it
  • Show all: this will show all games normally, no matter the rating
  • Hide all: any mature games will be hidden and blocked from direct access

This update also included some minor improvements to the user interface.

Android and Windows app now available!
From Doctacosa
2023-12-21 23:37:42

If you're part of those who prefer to have their content directly accessible with their own icons, rejoice: Osmium is now available as an app! You can get it directly from the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store. iOS users, you're not left behind: a version for Apple devices is in the planning stage. For now, you can add Osmium to your home screen.

At this time, the app has the same functionality and visuals as the website. This is a starting point on which new features will be gradually added.

Stability and speed improvements in place
From Doctacosa
2023-11-09 00:28:52

After the initial launch, some have reported issues on getting their usernames recognized or with their data import. I'm happy to report that all the initial issues have been fixed successfully, letting people see their gaming progress.

Additionally, some speed improvements were made to the data importing, which is especially useful for those who first join: the sooner that import is done, the faster they can view their stats! More along this way will happen soon.

The next steps will be focused on continuing development on the display tools, improving the filtering and detection of the games so everyone can find what they want. In a later phase, additional platforms will be added.

If there's anything you'd like to see added, don't hesitate to suggest it!

Welcome to Osmium!
From Doctacosa
2023-10-21 20:02:15

Welcome everyone!

This is Osmium, a tool designed to let you track your gameplay progression across multiple platforms at the same time. You love to get all achievements and trophies from a game, 100% it all, or set yourself some targets to reach? You can follow these here, no matter how or where you play!

For now, only a few sources are supported, but a lot more are planned to be added soon. Creeper's Lab players, your custom achievements are here! Steam players, we've got you covered! Fans of DRM-free on GOG, we're here for you! Console or MMO player? Be on the lookout for future updates!

Login using your existing Interordi Account, or create a new one, and start importing your data now!