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About Osmium

So, what is this?

Osmium lets you import your achievements (or trophies, or whatever they are called) from other platforms and games and regroup them all together. You can view your full progression, in a central place, and compare results with your friends.

Find which games you've completed at 100%, or those with remaining objectives!

Are the visible games the only supported ones?

No! Any game available on one of the supported platforms is available for tracking. Osmium will only display the games that at least one registered player owns. As more people join, new games will automatically appear!

Will new platforms and games be added?

Yes! The idea is to add every platform where tracking data is available. If your favorite storefront or console isn't available yet, keep looking - more are being planned.

Your data

Do you read any of my personal information?

No. What's being made available in your Osmium file is what is available to the public. If you have set your settings for a given platform or game to private, Osmium will not be able to read or display that data.

No information such as passwords is read, required or used anywhere.

How often does my data update?

At this time, new achievements and progression updates will come in after 24 hours. This is subject to change.

I can't see my progress, even if I added my username in my profile?

Make sure that the progression in your original platform or game is set to "public". Osmium can't read data from private accounts.