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Massive navigation improvements!
From Doctacosa
2024-03-10 01:04:18

Today's update is all about giving you a better access to your earned achievements, with several improvements to the navigation and page loading.

Starting with your profile overview, the list of games you've recently played and latest achievements earned now both feature a "View more" option. These bring you to the full lists so you can go further back.

All of the main list of records will now keep their filters and sorting options if you happen to reload a page, letting you resume right where you left off. This also makes it easier to share a list with a friend - they'll get the same view without having to pick any options!

On the topic of the achievements themselves, there's now a full list of all the ones you've earned, lifetime. Check the new menu option on Profile -> Achievements! Of course, you're free to narrow it down to a specific platform or change the sorting order.

More is planned, of course. If you have any specific request, please get in touch!